The world’s most expensive dumbbells can be purchased for $147,010 in Dubai.

The price of the 18K gold dumbbells is AED 540,000

For just AED 540,000 ($147,010), the world’s most expensive dumbbells are now available in the UAE. This gorgeous, exclusive, and rare dumbbell pair is made of genuine 18-carat gold and grenadilla wood.

These one-of-a-kind dumbbells are available on Ninjoo website.

Who are the target customers?

According to the Ninjoo founder, Aurore, the dumbbells have been of interest to those who have a taste for luxury items and out-of-the-norm products and those interested in collecting quirky, unique items.

There is one kilogram of gold in each dumbbell, which is aimed at people searching for the ultimate in beautiful exercise equipment “Not everything that glitters is gold, but this one is. We thought we’d seen everything until we saw these dumbbells. The Hock 18-carat solid gold dumbbells (yep, each dumbbell is 1kg of gold) are without a doubt the most daring luxury exercise equipment in this area of the globe. To create such a product, it needs a drive for excellence, and that is what we like about Hock: only the finest is good enough. For the illustrious few who haven’t yet amassed everything,” said Aurore.

Founder of Ninjoo, Aurore

What was the source of inspiration and thinking for this dumbbell?

Hock, the brand behind the 18k dumbbells, is an award-winning producer of high-end exercise equipment of extraordinary quality and design. The company was inspired to combine luxury with everyday workout equipment to look for lasting quality and exceptional aesthetic value.

“All that glitters is not gold, but this one is. We thought we had seen everything, and then these dumbbells came along. The Hock 18-carat solid gold dumbbells (yes, 1kg of gold for each dumbbell) are easily the most audacious luxury fitness accessory in this part of the universe. It takes passion for perfection to realize such a product, and this is what we love about Hock: only the best is good enough. For the distinguished few that don’t have it all yet. “

The price of the 18K gold dumbbells is AED 540,000, and you can purchase them through the Ninjoo website.

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