How to treat sunburn at home, according to a dermatologist

Your ultimate guide about sunscreen to keep your skin protected all the time. According to Dermatologists

If you expose your skin to too much sunlight without adequate protection from sunscreen and clothing, it can burn. It is critical to begin treating sunburn as soon as you see it to repair and calm stinging skin. Excessive sun exposure can cause long-term skin damage, including redness, discomfort, blistering, and peeling, as well as premature ageing and an increased risk of skin cancer.

UV radiation is the leading cause of skin cancer and premature aging. According to the WHO, scientists think that four out of every five occurrences of skin cancer may be avoided if UV damage is avoided. The rise in the number of skin malignancies over the last several decades has been strongly related to popular outdoor activities and sun exposure. 

. Dr Abeer El Sayed – specialist Dermatologist at Medcare Hospital Sharjah

It’s essential to begin treating a sunburn as soon as possible. Dr Abeer El Sayed – A specialist Dermatologist at Medcare Hospital Sharjah, lists some burns treatments to the skin caused by overexposure to the sun.

1-Cool baths to reduce the heat.
2-Moisturizer to help ease the discomfort.
3-Hydrocortisone cream to help ease discomfort.
4-Aspirin or ibuprofen. This can help reduce swelling, redness, and discomfort.
5- Drinking extra water to prevent dehydration.
6- it is recommended to visit a dermatologist if you have a second-degree burn with blisters.

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