“Period Panty is the best thing I bought for myself”

Last November I decided to buy Modibodi period panty and let me tell you that is by far the best thing I have bought for myself in a long time. What is a period panty you ask? Well, it is just like a regular panty that absorbs all the discharge during the periods without having to put on anything else. Unbelievably simple, isn’t it? Yes, that’s what I thought when I heard about it. So, how could I not give it a shot?

I have been using Modibodi period panty for some time now without the help of any other product and they have been amazing. It feels strange at first because we are so used to wearing pads, tampons etc. That it doesn’t feel real. But when you get past that initial phase of strangeness, you discover the freedom you have been looking for. The freedom to feel just normal during the periods.

Karuna Singh

The Modi Bodi period panty works great whether it is for the heaviest flow or the light flow. They have panties with different absorbency levels which are surprisingly light and extremely comfortable. I was especially amazed to see the result of their 24hrMaxi. Even after wearing it all day on the heaviest flow day, there were no leaks whatsoever. It literally will serve you for 24 hrs.

The bonus is that you can say bye-bye to the rashes, bad odour and heavily used chemicals in pads and tampons. Modibodi can also be used during pregnancy when the bladder gets out of control and you need some protection against those uncontrollable leaks. I am yet to try out their swimwear but the moment swimming pools open up after the covid scare is over, I am jumping in that pool without worrying which day of the month that is.

A pair of Modibodi period panty could cost you between AED 95-AED 130 depending upon the style and absorbency level, which can last for 2-3 years. I have switched entirely to Modibodi now having bought around 12 pairs of panties and there’s no looking back.

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