3 D meditation sounds for your body and soul

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Founders of Synctuition insist that 25 minutes on the app has the same effect as 4 hours of deep meditation

We tend to associate meditation with tranquil, silence, and mostly, no presence of any technology. But digital meditation is on the rise because of the growing popularity of the industry. Many guided meditation, transcendental meditations apps that talks about healing, chakra, mantra etc have boomed in the last few years. We swear by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s 21-days meditation app. We cannot deny the importance of technological development in our lives. But the concept of a new immersive 3 D meditation app had us surprised.

After probing further, we found that the brand-new app Synctuition is a mindfulness and audio relaxation app. It has been recorded using revolutionary binaural sound technology. It can deliver audio exactly as it happens in real nature. This app has 3 D sounds that work through regular stereo headphones. We spoke to the co-founder of Synctuition, Michael Burich to understand its benefits.

What inspired you to start Synctuition?

A clear vision that the world will be heading towards a mental health crisis. In addition to social media, constant exposure to negative news, an increase in alcohol consumption and anti-depression medication, loneliness, isolation. We looked at statistics on all of those. And the numbers scared us.

Synctuition is one of the most entertaining way to work on your mental health. It has over 100 journeys that immerse you into a beautifully crafted world that is created through unique sounds.

We decided to do something about it and Synctuition is a product of that. We decided to raise awareness for mental health on a global scale. This gives people a remarkably simple and incredibly fun solution to increase the level of their mental hygiene.

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Why is mindfulness more important now than ever?

 The world economic forum has already called the current global lockdowns -the biggest psychological experiment in the world. The current times are unprecedented. We have a pandemic, social unrest, economic downturn, uncertainty about our health, or financial stability, and nothing feels certain at this stage. This level of uncertainty and fear brings almost a permanent level of anxiety and stress which in turn harms our immune system.

“Take 25 minutes out of your day to work on your mental health”

This is at a time where we need our immune system to be the strongest. Mindfulness helps you take time for yourself. It helps you be present in the moment instead of constantly racing in your thoughts about the past or the future. This reduces stress and anxiety. It also helps you make a sound decision with a clear head. This is detrimental for your well being in the long term.

What is the best time to practice synctuition meditation?

We recommend listening to Synctuition in the evening. It helps wash away the negative information we accumulate during the day. But there is no one right answer or a one size fit all approach with this. Take 25 minutes out of your day to work on your mental health whenever you can take this time – morning, afternoon or before going to bed. You will definitely feel the results.

What are the main challenges of practicing mindfulness daily?

One of the challenges with mindfulness is that a person finds it had to be present “at the moment” without thinking of anything else. Another challenge is that people may feel that it is something “someone else does”. Our whole concept with Synctuition is making Mindfulness feel like a mental movie. Practicing mindfulness daily is a healthy habit that will give you some of the highest return on time spent.

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