This Dubai Gym is Giving Paid Internship to People of Determination

Interns will be remunerated monthly at the SAME RATE as regular staff

GymNation, one of UAE’s leading gym operator, is providing People of Determination from inclusive sports community NPO, Heroes of Hope by employing them and giving them access to fitness.

Heroes of Hope and GymNation have started two main activities. “Both elements of the partnership provide a fully inclusive fitness community, where individuals of all abilities can experience the positive impact that involvement in fitness can generate.” Ant Martland, Co-Founder of GymNation said.

Ongoing Paid Internship Scheme

The first activity is a GymNation Heroes internship initiative, providing People of Determination with the opportunity to take part in an ongoing paid internship scheme within their chosen GymNation location. As part of the ongoing initiative, GymNation Heroes will gain experience within all functions of gym operations, including; front of the house, back office admin support and gym floor management. Throughout the internship, regular assessments will be put in place along with certificates of achievements for reaching various success milestones.

Monthly Remuneration for all Interns with the Goal of Full Time Employment

All GymNation Heroes will be remunerated monthly at the same rate as full-time GymNation staff. The aim of the internship is to provide foundations in the form of invaluable life and workplace skills, to all GymNation Heroes, with the goal of full-time employment at GymNation in the near future.


Access to Fitness

The second activity in the partnership is centered around creating and maintaining a safe and inspiring environment where People of Determination across the UAE have the opportunity to exercise. Under the guidance of fully trained and qualified instructors GymNation and Heroes of Hope are working together to create an ongoing series of fitness classes, events and training programmes dedicated to championing inclusion in fitness for as many of the 110,000 People of Determination within the UAE as possible.

The partnership comes in response to Abu Dhabi’s launch of a comprehensive five-year strategy for People of Determination, aiming to create an integrated and enabling environment for them with the participation of over 28 local and federal government entities. The announcement came on September 12th, by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces. The strategy addresses People of Determination’s needs at all stages of life, including health, rehabilitation, education, employment, social care and social security, as well as social engagement, sports, culture and tourism.

Hollie Murphy, Founder of Heroes of Hope added: “When I started out as PE teacher in Dubai, twelve years ago, People of Determination were not given the opportunity to be as involved with sports and fitness as they are now. Since then, I have worked tirelessly to create a fully inclusive community in the form of Heroes of Hope, through which, thousands of People of Determination have been empowered and have shown that there is no barrier to inclusion. After the latest round of successful interns, I am looking forward to more opportunities with GymNation, to not only provide People of Determination with the opportunity to thrive in the workplace but to create a base where People of Determination can take part in fitness across the whole of the UAE.”

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This article was originally published on DECEMBER 17, 2020

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